boy genius

by bryan boygenius

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blake carrillo
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blake carrillo i'm biased bc i love bryan as my baby brother i never had. but that aside, baseball too has the fucking coolest verse riff!! how do you even write that? i love it. also the recording is hella rad. Favorite track: baseball too.
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recorded in the thrash cave in portland, my parents house in pendleton, and uncles house in hayward cal. recorded throughout 2013.


released October 8, 2013

bryan reeves - music, words



all rights reserved
Track Name: when we do
when we don't and when we do
when we don't and when we do
and when you won't say i do
this will have to prove
that i love you
Track Name: baseball too
you said
it's hard to be pretty in this town all alone
it's too easy to not get pregnant so you don't
i wouldn't know
but i know what you mean
things could be much worse
or they're worse than they seem

standing on the bridge looking down
you say that i'll
see you around
so what are we supposed to do now
i want to make the years go faster
but how

this is skin
skin to get filled in
you can wrap your arms and legs in it
these hands
hands to hold the pen
or someone else's hands
Track Name: high five i5
so i guess i'm lonely now
i suppose this what you warned me about
it's true i miss when i would get to watch you sleeping
but more so
i miss actually sleeping with you

mount mcloughlin
mount madonna
and mount shasta

i saw a dog fall out of a pick up truck
while i was driving down i5
i didn't hit it
but i'm still
pretty sure it died
don't ask why

it's hard enough to stay alive
so i never drink and drive
people die all the time
and i think so am i
Track Name: DNR
always you're citing sources
for an essay on an unread copy
of all the pretty horses
always sign the chorus
sincerely yours
sincerely us

you've been keeping me on my toes
you've got questions with answers i don't know
you've been keeping me on my toes
so it comes, so it goes

i'm only human
we're only ruined
from trying to not hurt anyone
i know i've done everyone wrong

used up all my extra lives
you should have let me die
a tattoo on my chest
reads please do not revive
Track Name: sorry
the jacket you wear every year
holds your car keys and keeps them near
so you can get away
saw you in the super market with your mom
you didn't recognize me with long hair
and my glasses on
i called you every night
you call me when you're drunk
but only some of the time
i don't wanna ruin your life
i don't wanna die
i just wanna grow young with you
Track Name: ice skating on teeth
i feel very different today
like i know who i am
and where
but this new knowing
is more nothing
a feeling of what i knew
not something new
i want to kiss you
twice in surprise
once for the times that i meant it
and once for those that were lies
i hope you can forgive me for the latter
and remember me for the former
we are now ice skating on teeth
and that seems good enough for me
you never asked
but please
i am very sorry